Heuristic Evaluation(Analyzed by a specialist)

Heuristic Evaluation is one of method used to identify issues related to Usability. A professional equipped with a skill necessary to conduct evaluation performs in accordance to the guideline.
The method is effective in discovering usability issues.
Evaluation analysis is conducted in accordance to each media such as forms, DM, and web.
Forms Heuristic Evaluation

Issues are analyzed from a perspective of forms design expertise nurtured by a leading company of business forms to create forms that increase administrative efficiency and customer satisfaction.

DM Heuristic Evaluation

Issues pertaining to process of opening DM, arousing interest, reading, and each action are analyzed based on rich knowledge on DM, research result on consumers, and Toppan Forms' communication expertise.

How Heuristic Evaluation can be Used
  • Check DM improvement.
  • Improve forms usability.
  • Extract reasons for consumers leaving the website.

Universal Design(UD)

Using various tools, printed matter is improved such as color layout that is friendly to color blind people, text that is easy to read for farsighted and cataract people, and appropriate information volume for comprehension.
Color Universal Design (CUD)

In Japan there are over 3 million color blind people that have different color vision due to various reasons. Most of them are male - 1 in every 20 for male, and 1 in 500 for female. Generally, not only do the colors look different, but combinations are also difficult to distinguish.
LABOLIS can create color layout and design for all types of visual people.

How Universal Design can be Used

Check if the design can be understood by all without any misunderstanding.

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