Usability Research: Gaze Measurement

Using infrared, gaze measurement equipment visualize gaze information by sensing people's eye movement.
The equipment can comprehend where consumers are paying attention, where they are reading, their point of interests, and other factors on DM, statements, and Web.

※Gaze measurement equipment is used for research purpose.

Combining gaze measurement and interview allows comprehension of "where consumer is paying attention and reading" and "where it is difficult to pay attention".
By understanding what the consumer viewed (or not viewed), issues related to design are extracted.

Output Deliverables

  • Area of Attention
    Area of Attention

    Output Heat Map to show level of attention in each area

  • 閲読時間イメージ
    Readability Time

    Average readability time for each area

  • 動線イメージ
    Gaze Plotting

    Ratio of test subject in each area and gaze plot movement

  • Gaze Measurement System
    Gaze Measurment System
How Usability Research can be Used
  • First thing that draws attention when the DM is taken out of the mailbox.
  • When DM is opened what is checked and how it is opened.
  • Easy entry of information on application paper.
  • Easy to see and use web site.

Customer Data Analysis

Turn "Customer Data" to "Valuable Data"

LABOLIS receives customer data that includes demographic and purchasing data and analyze them from various angles to comprehend issues.
Solutions for each customer segment are provided such as to what segment and by what measure should a concentrated care should be given.
  • STEP1

    LABOLIS will holistically analyze the data received.

  • STEP2

    Customers are segmented based on client's situation.

  • STEP3

    Features and issues of designated customer segment are identified.

  • STEP4

    Provide measures.

How Data Analysis can be Used
  • Analyze large volume of purchase history that has not been effectively analyzed.
  • Narrow target using demographic data.

Area Style Powered by Experian Mosaic Japan

Visualize Lifestyle from Geography

Area Style is analytical database that can append presumed lifestyle to address data.
By combining "Mosaic Japan" and customer list, existing a new "Lifestyle" factor is added to customer information such as address, gender, age, purchase history.
Customer analysis can be conducted with living environment and value decision standard in mind.
About Mosaic Japan

Mosaic Japan is a "consumer segmentation data" that segments consumers in Japan by area using sophisticated clustering analysis.

Mosaic Japan, in accordance to regional characteristics and consumer behaviour pattern, segments customer lifestyle into 14 groups and 52 types.
By analyzing in combination with client's database, it identifies consumption style and trends, allowing targeting by clients product category, customer service segment, and audience segment for a particular DM.

How Area Style can be Used
  • For a client that wants to conduct customer data analysis but has no demographic data.
  • Analysis based on DM mailing list.

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