DM Library

The library is a collection of direct mail sent to household of consumer monitors with an intention to provide a resource to solve issues related to direct communication to consumers from client companies.

Number of Samples Currently Collected

Domestic Approx
40,000 Samples
Overseas Approx
2,000 Samples

Samples are classified by industry so clients can find the one that meets their needs.
Database of DM allows clients to search the most suited sample to address marketing issues.

How the Library can be Used

Answers to client's questions can be found such as "What kind of DM are my competitors sending?"or "What kind of tactics are companies using in marketing campaigns in different industries?"

Consumer Survey

LABOLIS conducts an independent research to understand the mind of consumers in relation to DM.
Depending on client's objective and issue, LABOLIS can handle both quantitative research such as internet survey and qualitative research such as in-depth interview.
By combining quantitative and qualitative research, effective research that most reflects the actual state of consumers is conducted.

LABOLIS provides one stop solution such as research design, partnership with monitoring company, data entry, and reporting.

Quantitative Research

Quantitative research involving
large number of people
Survey using same questionnaire is sent to large number of people. The output is quantitative in nature such as number or percentage of people responded.
The objective of research method is mainly to verify hypothesis.
  • Field survey
  • Phone survey
  • Group survey
  • Internet survey
  • Mail survey
  • Sample mailing survey

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research involving
small number of people
LABOLIS conducts interviews to target group to extract their real intent and latent consciousness.
The research, due to its nature, is conducted with small number of people. The output is a record of statements during the interview.
The research method's main objective is to discover issues.
  • Group interview
  • Behaviour observation research
  • In-depth interview
How the Research Can be Used
  • Demand research for proposed product and service
  • AB testing of DM creative (Internet)
  • Request research on application forms and insurance policies (Group interview and behaviour observation research)

Text Mining

Consumers are analyzed based on comments written in survey and logs of inquiries to call center.
Text mining segments sentence by word and phrase, and analyze their trend on appearance, relationship, and chronological order to extract useful information.
By providing qualitative opinion in a easy to understand explicit manner, big picture or potential needs can be discovered.
Differentiated marketing based on collective voice of consumers

By analyzing the "voice of consumer" new hypothesis can be discovered unattainable without it.

Product/service development based on consumer's voice

Analyzing surveys and inquiries and quantifying them can lead to improvement in product concept and service.


Importing client's data (CSV data)

  • Comments written in survey
  • Log of inquiries to call center
  • Various research data
  • Daily sales Report

Text mining

  • Collecting qualitative/quantitative information
  • Standardized report

Output deliverables

Intuitive output deliverables allow trends to be easily understood with just a glance

Special map
Special map

Qualitative opinion and word appearance in comments are grouped together.

Word ranking
Word ranking

Word appearance trends can be viewed as a list.

※ LABOLIS uses visualization engine provided by Plus Alpha Consulting Co., Ltd.

How Text Mining Can be Used

Improve service by understanding trend and by analyzing large volume of written comments in surveys.

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