Solution Introduction
Improving DMResearch and Analysis that meet the Target.DM with Higher Response RateSolution Introduction.

Case Study in the Mail Order Industry

Client's Issue and Background

  • DM is sent to existing and dormant customers monthly.
  • Issue is to increase response and subscription rate.

By conducting an internet survey of consumers, best concept and creative were selected. Moreover, by using geographic lifestyle data, targeted area with high potential was selected. As a result, the campaign achieved both high response and subscription rate.


Consumer Research

Internet research was conducted.

Objective 1Understand Concept

  • What is your concern on health?
  • What do you expect from the product?

Objective 2ABC Creative Testing

  • Which design motivates people to open?
Out of ABC, which design makes you want to open the most?
  • Which design motivates people to open?AA was selected
  • Which design motivates people to open?B
  • Which design motivates people to open?C

Science LABO

Area Style

Based on the demographic of Area Style addressees were optimized.

  • Before
  • AfterExtract area with high potential

※Area Style uses Mosaic developed by Experian


Both response and subscription rates improved successfully.

Response Rate DM Response 1.4 X Subsription Rate Subscription Rate 1.2X

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