Solution Introduction
DM Check PackageInspect your DM in Three Easy Steps Quickly Learn Where Improvents can be Made on DM

STEP1Manual Inspection
(DM Heuristic Evaluation)

Heuristic evaluation is conducted on printed surface make-up elements of DM based on over 100 check items such as relevancy and strategy judged on three criteria - "General Evaluation", "Material Evaluation", and "Creative Evaluation".

i.e.) General EvaluationGeneral evaluation that combines creative and material evaluations.
  • Relevancy

    Index is used to measure if the campaign
    is suited for the target audience.

  • Implementation Evaluation

    Index is used to measure
    whether the client is meeting
    the objective, response and
    CPO is superior to the peers.

  • Strategy

    Index is used to measure if the content is being considered by customer demographics and past purchase history.

  • Creative Evaluation

    Average of "Creative Evaluation"
    based on copy and design indexes.

  • Material Evaluation

    Average of "Material Evaluation" is based on several indexes of DM parts such as envelope.

Indexes used in Manual Inspection are...

Observation/analysis of 40,000 DM collected for 10 years and stored in the DM library, consumer DM open/read behaviour research centered on gaze measurement research, and internal/external know-hows gained through brain science experiments.
STEP2Systematic Inspection

Contents on the outer and inner materials are evaluated such as degree of attention using 3M "Gaze Predictive Service"and qualitative evaluation service such as appropriate amount of information.

Check Degree of Attention

Using" 3M™ Gaze Predictive Service" reports on prediction of gazing for first 3 to 5 seconds when a person sees an object are provided.

i.e.) Product Catalog

Title on top left is more often viewed.

Photograph with high color contrast is more often viewed.

STEP3General Conclusion

A report is provided covering each item in the "Manual Inspection", "Systematic Inspection", evaluation result, and other issues.
When a presentation is made, an improvement advice is provided by showing samples from the "DM Library".

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