Solution Introduction
Forms ImprovementImprove forms that is easy to fill

Financial Industry Case Study

Client's Issue and Background

  • By reducing the fill entry errors of application form, reduce call center workload and return mailing cost.

Extract issues by conducting consumer usability research and heuristic analysis by a specialist. Improvement is made on the form based on these results.

Science LABO

Usability Research

Research was conducted on eight consumers.

  • Gaze Measurement Research

    Is readability effortless?
  • Fill Entry Research

    Are there any fill entry error or omission?
  • Interview Research

    Is it easy to fill?
    Is meanings of phrase and word clear?
Before After

※The blue line and circle indicate gaze flow (line) and its sequence (numbers).

Conveying LABO

Heuristic Analysis

Issues are checked in accordance to the design make-up elements.

  • Document Construction

    Evaluates easy usability and appropriate number of enclosures.
  • Layout

    Evaluates impression when it's viewed, balance between text and graphic, and text sharpness.
  • Color Scheme

    Evaluates number of color, color scheme, and color UD.
  • Text/Phrase

    Evaluates size and font type for text and length of phrase.

Reduce fill entry error, increase administrative efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Incomplete Document Ratio



Reduction in call center work load and cost of return mail.

Improve Administrative Efficiency

There are many types of forms and inventory management is necessary.

Eliminate inventory by digital printing on white paper.
Eliminate unnecessary forms and disposal process.

Reduce cost of disposing various forms when they are revised.

Customer Satisfaction

Using UD Font Allows

Easy Reading

Care Based on Color UD Allows

Easy Viewing

Using Graphics When Explaining Allows

Easy Understanding

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