Toppan Forms wins awards in two categories, USPS Gold Mailbox and Silver Awards, at the 2015 DMA International ECHO Award

Toppan Forms was awarded the silver award for the 2015 International ECHO Award,
which is the most prestigious direct marketing award in the world. Also, the company
was awarded the special USPS Gold Mailbox Award given to the best direct mail.
The experience type B to B Direct Mail campaign “Anything for The Receiver’s Smile”
was highly evaluated for the award.

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Photo; USPS Gold Mail Box Award Trophy and Award Ceremony in Boston

  • Title:Experience Type B to B DM Campaign “Anything for the Receiver’s Smile.”
  • Advertiser and Planning & Production; TOPPAN FORMS CO.,LTD.

Please view the production video below.

■About DMA International ECHO Award
DMA International ECHO Award is the world’s most prestigious direct marketing award
provided by the Direct Marketing Association.
Every year, the best direct marketing campaign is selected by judging not only
the creatives but also the marketing strategy and response.
The DMA International ECHO Award also judges various media other than DM such as web,
television, and SNS.
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